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I love the way you tied a father's love for his daughter and her beloved doll to our Lord's love for us and His message contained in His Word! Thank you so much for the reminder that Jesus has written "I love you" on our hearts. His love is greater than eternity.

And I thoroughly enjoyed learning the history of Raggedy Ann. I had one as a child. This makes me want to buy one for my grand daughters:)

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Erma, oh how you touched my heart with your beautiful message. I can so clearly remember my little orphan Annie doll and how I loved her as a child! She reminded me of how marvelous it was to be a part of a Christian family with a loving mom and dad, older sister, and younger brother. My dad told me that when she came to live with us she was no longer an orphan because we shared God's love with her as if she was real. What wonderful childhood memories you stirred up for me. At 81, I have survived all of my treasured family members who have already gone to heaven. I would love to still have that little doll today! Thank you for your delightful, encouraging, and inspiring message. Amen! ❤ j @ Heart"wings"

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What a touching story about Raggedy Ann! I love learning the history behind the things we grew up with.

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