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That's really cool to think of God's care for us being a like a mother bird. It's an excellent reminder that God has a plan to work everything for our good, even when the way is prickly and stepping over the edge into the unknown is the scariest thing we could imagine. He sees beyond the moment and beyond the clouds, and He's got us by the hand.

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I think God even uses the "kick them out of the nest when they linger too long" tactic. We cannot sit forever in His presence singing "We Shall Not Be Moved" when He tells us to "Go into the world." He has plans for us, and we can be obedient and fulfill them, or He can send a large fish to take us where He wants us to be. I'd rather get there in step with Him. Not as messy!

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Amen!!! It may not be too comfortable to be pushed out of the nest, but He said to go into all the world. Either willingly or dragging our feet, we'll fulfill His purposes!!! :)

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